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A Concert of angels - With music from J.S. Bach to G. Mahler

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A Concert of angels - With music from J.S. Bach to G. Mahler

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by Edel Classics GmbH

Heavenly Classical Music

High quality large format hardback book featuring exceptional photography and music. Art printing on 150 gsm quality paper (28cm x 28cm) with approximatly 120 pages per book with images from named photographers.

Angels have fascinated people for hundreds of years. Throughout the ages angels have embodied humanity's longing for supernatural, divine companionship, inspiration and solace. In the Renaissance and Baroque period artists captured these winged creatures as sacred beings, guardians, servants or children of God, in countless paintings. A Concert of Angels presents the most beautiful and famous of these celestial masterworks in loving detail. 4 music CDs: The magical sounds of ecclesiastical music from J. S. Bach to Gustav Mahler are joined for a heavenly concert.

Author: Edel Classics GmbH 
Publisher: Edel EarBooks
Type: Hardcover
Language: English
Published: 201109
Pages: 116
Edition: 2
Weight: 1208 g
ISBN10: 3937406360
ISBN13: 9783937406367